What we plan to do

Secure the city's conference economy by redeveloping the Brighton Centre as a successful, high profile, sustainable conference centre and examine opportunities for new leisure, retail, and hotel development on the current Brighton Centre site.

Keep Brighton & Hove a vibrant place to live with exciting and sustainable development of sites to their full potential. Following on from the identification of strategic development sites in the City Plan Part 1, further sites will be identified in the City Plan Part 2,, Joint Area Action Plan for Shoreham Harbour and supplementary planning documents where appropriate. 

Deliver new and vibrant places to live, work and spend leisure time by managing major regeneration projects on council owned sites.

Meet the needs of the high-growth creative and digital sectors of the city economy, for example by ensuring the future of New England House as a digital hub building on the Fusebox model.

Promote and require sustainable practices, such as:

  • Reaching very good or excellent in the BREEAM or EcoHome standard (thus minimising ongoing CO2 emissions)
  • Using the construction phase to develop local skills and businesses
  • Incorporating a high proportion of affordable housing
  • Ensuring housing is accessible

Protect and enhance the natural beauty of the South Downs National Park while maximising access to and enjoyment of the area.

Implement City Plan Part One policy that seeks that all new development incorporate sustainable design features to avoid expansion of the city’s ecological footprint, help deliver radical reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, and mitigate against and adapt to climate change.

Develop further policy in City Plan Part Two to incentivize delivery of sustainable energy through the planning system. This will encourage and facilitate energy efficiency, decentralized energy, community energy, smart grids, energy uses such as energy storage and grid services, renewable energy, heat networks and capacity to connect to heat networks. Policy will also ensure good standards in development associated with existing buildings and ensure that smaller schemes are also delivered to good standards of energy efficiency.

Explore development and delivery of an Energy Plan. The Plan will address the changing landscape of the energy sector, the need to ensure that energy is secure, reliable, affordable and low carbon; explore opportunities for local residents, public, private and community sectors to become involved in the energy sector; and to keep the region competitive.

Adopt in 2017 a planning brief to guide the future development of Toad’s Hole Valley as a new and sustainable city neighbourhood providing homes, jobs and a secondary school and recreational and communal facilities.