Brighton & Hove Connected and city stakeholders are planning to run a series of events to help the city examine how we can prepare for the future.

We are all increasingly aware of rapid changes that influence the way we work, learn and travel; changes to the way we live, our housing, our health and our entertainment.

These changes can affect our environment, our economy and our satisfaction and we want to explore the areas that we think will affect the way in which we live over the next 20 years or so...

This is not intended to be a traditional consultation process where organisations present proposals on which to comment.  This will be a series of discussions led by a range of people from across the city, which allows us to look at the issues and decisions that we need to face in the future and provide insight and opinion to help those who have to take those decisions over the next few years.  We hope this will help them to make the best decisions possible to ensure that our residents and visitors alike are able to take full advantage of our vibrant and exciting city.

We will look at areas such as future housing, future work, future travel and learning; our changing population and the role that technology will play in shaping our city.

We are not starting with a blank sheet of paper and we will draw on evidence from our recent consultations on areas such as the economy, our cultural and visitor offer as well as our plans for children and young people, our ageing population and the way in which we organise health, care and community safety services.

We hope that events will be creative, engaging, informing and will help shape future ideas for Brighton & Hove, building on our reputation as a city of ideas that is bold, creative and, so often, one step ahead.

We are not seeking solutions or definite ideas to be enacted, but a conversation to explore what possible futures might look like and to give ourselves the best chance of a bright and exciting future.

An introduction to the series of events and links to the specific themes can be found here. Please also see below for direct links.

2030 Vision Themes

The themes of disruptive technology and the changing population in the city will inform all of the sessions and we will also be looking to engage a wide range of younger voices who will be pivotal to help inform future planning for the city.