What we plan to do

We will continue to involve residents in the development of new services and ensure we take their views and experiences into account.

Advice providers will work with the council and other partners to develop a local Community Banking Partnership Service ensuring that advice in relation to money issues is effectively integrated into provision of financial education, measures to address food and fuel poverty and strategies that will ensure equal access for residents to appropriate financial products.

Partners will improve access to advice for residents by continuing to develop online access routes by, for example, offering advice online or by ensuring online directories operate in ‘real time’ and highlight services that are currently open.

Advice providers will work together to better join up their services and make the best use of available resources through, for example, colocation of provision.

Local providers will work together to identify new ways of resourcing and funding provision advice.

Local funders of advice will work together to minimise overlap in administration and to ensure public funding is effectively targeted.

Advice providers will work closely with Community Works to ensure residents are supported and encouraged into appropriate volunteering roles around advice and information provision.

Partners will support residents to get online and access advice and information resources from a range of accessible community venues.

Partners will trial the provision of a locally provided online advice service for residents.

Partners will work closely with frontline advisers from across the city to ensure we understand trends in the problems residents are facing

Partners will proactively engage with partner from across the Brighton and Hove Strategic Partnership so that we can work together to find solutions to these problems

Advice providers will ensure their services help build resilience in residents through effective links with appropriate education services and support that will help residents into sustained well paid employment.