Current position

A National Dementia Strategy has been published and four key priorities have been identified:

  1. Good quality early diagnosis and intervention for all
  2. Improved quality of care in general hospitals
  3. Living well with dementia in care homes
  4. Reduced use of antipsychotic medication

In 2009 extensive consultation was carried out with people with dementia, their carers and other stakeholders in the city. The results were used to inform an action plan published in 2012 which sets out key plans for dementia in the city. Local actions have included:

  • A new integrated memory assessment service commenced in April 2013. Social care support has included the development of dementia cafes and a dementia in reach team working in care homes.
  • A dementia champion has been appointed at Royal Sussex Country Hospital (RSCH).
  • An additional resource has been allocated into Mental Health Liaison at RSCH to support older people with mental health needs when they are in the general hospital.
  • A project to improve end of life care for people with dementia has been conducted.
  • Brighton & Sussex Medical School and Sussex Partnership NHS Trust have recruited a Professor of Dementia Studies.
  • A Care Home In-Reach team supports person-centred approaches to dementia, in particular identifying alternatives to antipsychotic medication.
  • There are measures in place to improve quality of care. From April 2013, contracts for care homes will include a Competency Framework for nurses, and staff in care homes are being offered specific training in working with people with dementia.
  • Dementia training is referenced in contracts for all services that accept clients with dementia or memory loss.