Transport Partnership

Formed in 2009, the Transport Partnership’s aim is to assist in developing an integrated and accessible transport system that minimises damage to the environment and promotes sustainable and healthy travel choices that will contribute to a safer, cleaner, quieter city, and contributes towards the delivery of the Community Strategy’s other key priority areas.

Therefore the Partnership will be considering issues such as carbon emissions, physical and mental well-being, community safety, air quality, noise, providing access to quality services and using resources more efficiently.


  • Raise the level of debate within the city around transport and raise awareness of the wider impacts of transport.
  • Inform decision making with regard to the transport implications of major development proposals.

Focus and prioritisation

  • Ensure that the priorities as set out within the Sustainable Community Strategy are upheld and implemented by all those with a responsibility for influencing and delivering them.
  • Ensure that equality and inclusion are a fundamental consideration in the work of the Partnership.
  • Help prioritise the annual investment programmes that are funded through the current Local Transport Plan [LTP2] process.
  • Help in the development of strategic transport objectives and production of the next Local Transport Plan [LTP3], including its priorities for investment.
  • Act as a champion for Brighton & Hove in negotiations with regional and national bodies on transport matters, if required.

Working together

  • Bring together various partners with an overlapping interest in transport within the city, while maintaining and improving links with transport authorities and providers across the wider south-east region.

Building leadership capacity

  • Ensure that transport considerations are recognised and fully taken into account by partners when planning services or building developments.
  • Challenge sectors/organisations within the city to deliver best practice within the transport field e.g. schools, businesses, health services etc.

The Transport Partnership is accountable to the Brighton & Hove Strategic Partnership in demonstrating how its objectives will be met. Its members are jointly accountable to each other for delivering agreed actions.

The Transport Partnership is also tasked by the Strategic Partnership to consider the progress being made towards the transport-related targets within the Local Area Agreement.

You can view our Terms of Reference here

Minutes of Previous Meetings

01 August 2017 [Minutes]

12 September 2017 [Minutes]

14 November 2017 [Minutes]

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09 January 2018 [Minutes]

27 February 2018

Upcoming Meetings

15 May 2018

31 July 2018

11 September 2018

04 December 2018

Contact the Partnership

Andrew Renaut, Head of Transport Policy & Strategy, Brighton & Hove City Council
Ground Floor, Hove Town Hall, Hove, BN3 3BQ
Tel: 01273 292477

Contact the Chair

Councillor Gill Mitchell, Brighton & Hove City Council: